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 The Huntsman Knife Company is a small, quality driven company that blends the best of CNC technology with the human touch to make high performance edged tools. We are always seeking the best materials, heat treats, and production methods to make hard working knives.    


- Our philosophy is what I call "the old way." So often in today's profit driven market we see companies that once made great things diluting down their products to increase profit. Cheaper materials, cheaper construction, cheaper labor, more profit. The selling out of quality for money never sat well with me so I decided with my own business I would do things right. Cut no corners, spare no expense, and make the absolute best product possible. 

Made the old way isn't a reference to forging or grinding out blades on a stone wheel, its a philosophy of pouring our heart and soul into every blade and seeking constant improvement in our work.   



-We like to take classic, time tested blade styles and create our own interpretation with modern materials, production techniques, and aesthetics.  



- Our name was inspired by images and portraits of centuries old huntsmen and ourdoorsman who were masters of the wilderness in their time. The name has a certain rustic elegance and old world charm that we feel manifests in our designs.