Fjord Hiker Z-Wear PM

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Fjord Hiker Z-Wear PM


This Product is MADE TO ORDER. Select the handle you would like and it will be made with a 2 week turn around time. If you would like any extra details with your blade, like removal of the swedge, or a special handle just let us know. 

Comes with Black pancake style kydex sheath


The Fjord Hiker is an all purpose hard use utility blade designed for making powerful cuts. At .22in thick with a 5in blade, its a stout knife that craves hard use. However it is still ground thin and sports a thin edge to maximize performance. 


Z- wear is a new steel that is bridging the gap between CPM 3V and M4 in terms of toughness and wear resistance. Z- wear has more carbon than 3V and the addition of 1% tungsten. The result of this is higher wear resistance with only a small trade off in toughness. Z- wear can support a thin edge like 3V and can be used for the same tasks in a medium sized blade. This run is heat treated to 60-61 which avoids the secondary hardening curve and results in less carbide formation but greater toughness. It also sports 7.5% Chromium which makes it semi stainless, much like 3V. 


C: 1.15%

Cr: 7.5%

Mo: 1.6%

W: 1%

V: 2.4%


  • .22 Z wear 60-61RC
  • 5in blade
  • 10in overall
  • ~.022 BTE thickness


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