American Parang

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American Parang


This blade is made to order, please specify what type of handle material you would like and it will be ready in 1 week. Includes pancake style Kydex sheath. 


The American Parang is a heavier version of the classic Malaysian blade. Designed for the hardwood forests of North America, it is a great all around chopper and brush clearer.  


52100 is a time tested and proven steel that has excellent qualities for hard use knives. Originally developed for use in ball bearings, your truck likely has some 52100 bouncing around in it.  Back in the 80s and 90's before it was available in sheets, guys would hammer out massive bearings to forge blades. What makes 52100 special is its grain structure. Like AEB-L and NITRO V, 52100  naturally forms very small grains which result in a tough steel that can take a nasty edge. Its a simple steel that is easy to sharpen and maintain.


C: 1% 

Mn: .070%

Cr: 1.4%


  • 52100- 58RC edge, Spring tempered spine
  • 15in blade
  • 21.5in overall length.
  • thickness 3/16th
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